Warm-up / Joint Prep 


20 German Arm Swings

20 Hip Openers

20 Glute Bridges

2 rounds-

30 Jumping Jacks

10 Band Pull Aparts

8 Burpees

6 Squat To Tuck Jump

Review and warm up WOD Movements

Daily WOD

1. Aerobic Power 



8 min AMRAP

Run 400m

Then: Climbing ladder of 3-6-9-12... for the remainder of the AMRAP of-

Push Ups

Sit Ups

Air Squats

Rest 3 Min x3

Intent: Respect the run, aim to have the same splits across all rounds. Power through the movements!

Mobility / Cool Down

With a foam roller:
– T-Spine Reach / T-Spine Smash
– Rear Delt / Lat Insertion Point Smash
– Quad Roll Out
Childs / Cobra / Million Dollar Pose
Couch Stretch – 1 min each leg

Okie Bootcamp

Warm Up

a. 20 German Arm Swings
b. 20 Hip Openers
c. 20 Booty Lifters
Review WOD Movements

Daily WOD

Tabata Tuesday!!!

Russian KB Swing
Air Squats
Bike Sprint

Rest 1 minute between Tabatas
Intent: Find a sustainable and repeatable pace.

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