Warm-up / Joint Prep 



20 German Arm Swings

20 Hip Openers

20 Glute Bridges

400M Run

2 rounds

15 Band Pull Aparts

10 Squat Therapy Squats

10 Scap Push Ups

20m Bear Crawl

20 Jumping Jacks

Daily WOD

1. Strength

Bench Press - E(2)mom - 10,8,6,10,8,6

Be under control! Record your numbers in sugarWOD


2. WOD

Death By Goblet Walking Lunge


Start with 5 lunges each leg and add one to each side each minute. Pick a weight that feels light at the start

Intent: Quality steps, get these done quickly so you can recover.  

3. WOD Cap

As a class, walk 400m hugging a med ball to your chest.




Mobility / Cool Down

With a foam roller:
– T-Spine Reach / T-Spine Smash
– Rear Delt / Lat Insertion Point Smash
– Quad Roll Out
Childs / Cobra / Million Dollar Pose

Okie Bootcamp

Warm Up / Joint Prep

As A Group… 10 minutes

a. 20 German Arm Swings
b. 20 Hip Openers
c. 20 Glute Bridges
d. Run 250M
e. warm up WOD movements

Daily WOD

EMOM- 28 Min

Min1- 8 Deadlifts 
Min2- 8 Wall Balls
Min3- 30 Second Plank

Score total reps in SugarWOD.

Intent: Work fast and let yourself recover.

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