Warm Up

20 German Arm Swings

20 Hip Openers

20 Glute Bridges

400m Run

4 min of flow:

20 Second DeadBug Hold

10 Bird Dogs (5 each side)

10 Scap Push Ups

20 seconds downward dog (drive your head through your arms)


3 Minutes

3 Air Squats

3 Pull up/ ring row

10 Lunge Steps (total)

Daily WOD

1. For Time:

30 Cal Bike Buy In



Push Press (95/65)

between each set do 15 sit ups

Intent: Unbroken Sets, Push your pace!!!

Extra Credit: 35 Squat therapy Squats (low and slow!)

Mobility / Cool Down

With a foam roller:
– T-Spine Reach / T-Spine Smash
– Rear Delt / Lat Insertion Point Smash
– Quad Roll Out
Childs / Cobra / Million Dollar Pose
Couch Stretch – 1 min each leg

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