My grandmother was Swedish.  She was an Erickson.  A direct descendent of Erik the Red and Leif Erickson.  As a young boy I spent many a night fascinated at the thought of men on boats sailing to unknown lands and taking what they wanted.  Vikings.  Stories told that are so tall, they became myths. As crazy as our world is now, most of us wouldn't survive a week one thousand years ago. After high school, I served in the Army.  I only served overseas and I would like to think I helped suppress potential pillaging of countries afar.  After my time in the Army, I went to college for business.  Boring business.  I managed and then owned some successful and some not successful restaurants and night clubs.  I was an Army veteran with Viking DNA that was a walking corpse. Then I found CrossFit.  I'm not here to sell you on the fact that CrossFit will make you an axe weilding, beard stroking, norseman.  But I am here to tell you about the similarities of the Viking of old and the Soccer Mom who does CrossFit.  Below is your guide to be a modern day Viking or Viqueen.  Most of the rules of being a Viking have nothing to do with physical strength.  The rules below are a code.  The sum of the code is a man or woman who is head and shoulders above their peers.  A leader that anyone would follow into battle or into a mosh pit. Keep Your Word If you aren't 100% you can do what you say, shut your mouth. This may sound harsh, but every great leader keeps their word 100% of the time.  Don't fill the air with false promises and good intentions.  If you can't do it, don't commit to it.  You'll be respected for your honesty. Take Risks There are no schools named after perfect people.  Every name on a school is tied to someone who failed at least once.  If you take risks, you'll test your limits.  Know you limits (by surpassing them or falling short) and when the going gets tough, you'll be better prepared. Expose Your Abs There it is! CrossFit.  We don't mean get half naked and workout.  We mean get vulnerable.  Put a little extra weight on the bar.  Run a little harder.  Make it hurt to the point you want to quit.  Much like taking risks, exposing yourself to the elements of a workout can leave you either want to quit forever or strive to get even better, faster and stronger. Work Less That goes for working and working out.  The one thing you can never get more of is time.  Enjoy your family and this wonderful earth.  Get outside.  Simply said, don't work yourself to death and keep your "gym time" to a maximum 5 hours a week. Know the Truth Who are you? Where did you come from? Where are you wanting to go? Why do you exist?  Know these things. Know the Lies Who you are not. What you did or did not do. Where you are not going. Know these things. Share the Wealth Love your fellow man.  Help where you can.  It's not just sharing money.  Share your time.  Read with children at a school.  Volunteer as a big brother or big sister.  Serve at a homeless shelter.  Give your wealth of respect to your fellow man. Seize Opportunities If you stay ready, you will never have to get ready.  Continually educate yourself so when an opportunity presents itself, you can pounce. Use Your Mouth Talk to strangers.  Talk to your family.  Look for opportunities to introduce people in beneficial ways.  "You're buying a home?  I know an awesome banker you should talk to about a mortgage." Use Your Ears Listen to strangers.  Listen to your family.  Look for opportunities to listen to public or historical speakers. Be Ready for Old Age Stay ready so you don't have to get ready.  To often in our society, people cross 40 years old and they then add one prescription a year until they die.  Vikings thrived into old age.  They died of drowning or an axe wound, not Type 2 Diabetes.  Don't let food and lack of movement kill you. Know Your Place Your team at work.  Your team you call a family.  They rely on you.  Everyone has "their place".  Know your role and crush it.  Always help others, but be sure of two things.  Your tasks have been handled and they actually want help (some people love completing their tasks alone).  

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