One of the movements athletes struggle with most in CrossFit has got to be toes 2 bar. Usually when they see it come up in a workout, they will dread it or even worse, skip it! Toes 2 bar doesn’t need to be that difficult. Yes, they do require a base level of strength, however, once you obtain that and understand the movement, it becomes much easier. Let’s break down the toe 2 bar. In coach speak it is an upper body pulling movement combined with a global flexion movement. What does this mean? We use our shoulders and back in combination with our core to bring our whole body into a folded over position. We do this while hanging from a bar. Because this movement incorporates the entire body, we must think about what the entry body is doing throughout the movement. The entire body is a system that must work together. What ties the body together so that is can work together? The answer, tension. Tension is the key to having great toes 2 bar. Most people struggle with this movement because they lose tension somewhere throughout the course of the exercise. We have three major points of tension to focus on during a toe 2 bar. We must be active in the shoulder, pulling down on the bar with our lats and engaging out scapula. Where must keep our feet glued together. As soon as they come apart we lose tension in the lower body thus breaking tension in the system. And lastly we need to concentrate on pulling out feet down and away from the bar once we have completed a successful rep. This will load our core again and cause a stretch reflex, making the following rep easier. These three key components of the toes 2 bar will great increase your efficiency and effectiveness what attempting multiple reps.

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