Dr. Carmen is a mom.  She's a busy Doctor who just finished her residency.  She never misses the 6am class and we're lucky to have her here at Okie CrossFit. We asked Carmen all about her journey at Okie CrossFit and here’s what she said: Okie-What motivated you to start at Okie CrossFit? Carmen- My friends kept pushing me to come and try it out. Okie - What keeps you coming back to Okie CrossFit? Carmen- Once I was here, I made even more friends. I have a new confidence and I love the challenge CrossFit gives me to see how much more I can do every time I come to class. Okie - How do you define your success? Carmen- Success to me is seeing the change in my attitude towards myself and the way I view my body. I also have noticed how much easier I can get myself off the floor during burpees! Okie- What was your biggest obstacle you overcame to achieve your success? Carmen- My biggest obstacle was likely getting over comparing myself to others who can lift more or get through the workouts quicker than I can. Also, I started focusing on myself and how much I improved with each workout. Okie- What advice would you give others looking to start with Okie CrossFit? Carmen - Get over the fear of not being able to do the work out or that people will judge you for not lifting enough or not being fast enough because nobody cares. Everyone just sees you working hard and cheers you on to push yourself and that is what gives you confidence and will keep you coming back for more.

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