Pete is an Army Combat Veteran who now in civilian life, helps Army Veterans transition from military to civilian life. He's a husband and awesome dad.  He loves to ride his motorcycle and is always greeting new members with a handshake and a smile. We're lucky to have Pete here at Okie CrossFit.
We asked Pete all about his journey at Okie CrossFit and here’s what he said: Okie- What motivated you to start at Okie? Pete- I was stuck in a post 30 year old rut both physically and emotionally. I was staying active but the workouts that I was doing weren't showing results anymore and I was looking for a positive outlet to deal with some post military combat stress. I had some coworkers at the time who had some great results with Okie so i decided to give it a shot. Okie- What keeps you coming back to Okie? Pete- I love the variation in workouts. One day I may run in a workout, the next I may squat a house. It's the type of mix I need to stay interested and help me meet my goals. The family type atmosphere is the cherry on top. Okie- How do you define your success? Pete- I define success as becoming a better version of myself. Whether that is in my career, in the gym or as a father, I'm always looking to be better than I was yesterday. Okie- What was your biggest obstacle you overcame to achieve your success? Pete- For me, finding the right work/life/fitness balance was the hardest obstacle to overcome. In our busy lives sometimes it can be difficult to carve out that extra hour a day to better ourselves but I think my 50 year old self will thank me. Okie- What advice would you give others looking to start with Okie? Pete- Just come in and give it a try. We aren't a cult, we don't judge anyone, we are just regular folks looking at becoming better versions of ourselves. 

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