Push Ups are one of those movements that are often overlooked. We assume most people know what they are, therefore they are often under coached. However, we have several points we need to touch on when talking about the push up. First is our set up. We need to have our shoulders on top of our hands with a rigid body. As we lower down, the elbows should track at a 45 degree angle for the torso in order to protect them and get full tricep engagements. We will lower our body under control till our chest touches the ground. At this time only our chest should be touching the floor, with our hips and knees off the ground. We then press back to our start position, maintaining a rigid body the entire time. One way we can progress with these is to always lower yourself to the ground with your knee off the floor, and then place them on the ground to press yourself back up. This will get your body use to controlling your entire body weight.

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