Jana is a cancer survivor who is a busy mother of 2 kids. She walks into Okie CrossFit every day with a huge smile and a greeting for all.   We're lucky to have Jana here at Okie CrossFit.
We asked Jana all about her journey at Okie CrossFit and here’s what she said: Okie- What motivated you to start at Okie? Jana - I was looking for a way to gain strength and build muscle after a bout with cancer/chemo and a friend's die hard love for Crossfit is what motivated me to try it. Okie- What keeps you coming back to Okie? Jana- The results I’m achieving and the way it makes me feel are what keep me coming back. And the people aren’t so bad either. 😁 Okie- How do you define your success? Jana- This is also a way I can measure my success. The coaches help make success obtainable through their great knowledge and skill of how the body works and it’s required nutrients. Okie- What was your biggest obstacle you?  Jana- Our mind set can often be our biggest obstacle. But the camaraderie I feel at Okie help keep me focused and motivated. Okie- What advice would you give others looking for a gym? Jana -The best advice I could give if you are looking into a fitness program is to not be quick to rule out Crossfit and sell yourself short from the beginning. You never know what you can achieve till you try it.

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