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Okie CrossFit is the only 24/7 CrossFit Gym in Tulsa

New to CrossFit?
Sign up below to set up a Free Intro. During your intro, we will discuss your goals, injury history, and answer any questions you have about CrossFit and specifically Okie CrossFit. You will also try out a class and get to know our amazing members and coaches. We’ve helped 14 people lose over 100 pounds and over 200 people lose over 50 pounds.  Regardless of your fitness goals, Okie CrossFit will help you get there.
Experienced CrossFitter?
Sign up below if you a have trained at a registered CrossFit Affiliate previously and are an experienced CrossFitter. We’ll contact you and get you engrained in Okie CrossFit as soon as you’re ready.  With 24/7 gym access and locker rooms, you’ll be blown away by what Okie CrossFit has to offer.

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Okie CrossFit Midtown
6511 E. 44th Street
Tulsa, OK 74145


Okie CrossFit Downtown
409 E. 8th Street
Tulsa, OK 74120