• Every single person I have met since starting has been so nice and welcoming. The coaches are amazing! Jake is empowering. He makes me feel like what ever goals I have are completely obtainable! There are always movements in crossfit that I have never heard of but jake is always right there to make sure my form is good so i don't get injured! I truly believe he is a coach because he wants to help people succeed. You can tell it's his passion. I love this place!

    Amy T.
  • I just finished week 4 for the ladies 6 week challenge. I have to say I was a little intimidated to do a crossfit program, but I'm so glad I did. I feel stronger, more energized and I feel like the changes i'm making right now will stay with me for life. I encourage women to try this 6 week challenge. You will be surprised with how much you can endure, and ultimately- how much better you will feel! Okie cross fit changed me- physically and mentally! Love this place!!!

    Emily Aary
  • , Okie CrossFit Testimonials

  • , Okie CrossFit Testimonials

  • , Okie CrossFit Testimonials

  • Okie is the best gym I've ever been to. No matter what your goals are, you are given the tools to reach them in a fun, inclusive, motivating environment. The coaches are top-notch! Your safety and progress is their priority. Come by and see for yourself!

    Tiffany Crum
  • I started working out at Okie Crossfit last summer and it has been a fantastic experience. Before I joined I was diagnosed with a condition called fatty liver which is a symptom of cirrhosis. Every 6 months I have to go to the hospital and get a ultrasound. last week I went to the hospital and about 3 days after that I got a phone call from my nurse and she said my liver was just fine. Anyway I asked her again to talk to the Doc and make sure so she called me back the next day and said that she had never seen this happen but I no longer am fatty liver. My point is is that Okie Crossfit probably added at least 10 years to my life. Thank you Jake! 

    Jody F.
  • Love Okie CrossFit! It can be intimidating for an older women that has never been an athlete to walk into a new gym. Jake and his staff made me feel welcome as soon as I walked in the door. They are always positive and encouraging. The atmosphere is like a big happy family that is always cheering you on. I look forward to going even when the workouts are a challenge.

    Kathy H.
  • Only my second week in to the 6 week challenge. I love it!! Training team is fun and helpful! Always walk out with confidence and a smile. Knowing you are making a change and having fun while doing it. Is scary at first but you really do settle in quickly! Thanks Okie Crossfit for helping me get to my own personal goals!! See you Friday

    Lisa Thomas
  • I was really nervous about starting Crossfit because of all the mixed reviews about it and I was worried about getting injured. I know one of the stereotypes about Crossfit is "quantity over quality". Jake and his coaches have definitely thrown all stereotypes out the window. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. I never once felt intimidated and they certainly focus on making sure that you're doing every movement right so you won't get injured. Even when you're super sore and exhausted, the motivation and encouragement from the coaches and even the other members is more than enough to keep you going!

    Cristina M.
  • Okie CrossFit has been an inspiration to my family and is changing how we do life. Jake and all of his trainers are top notch! Everyone there is incredibly nice, extremely professional, and very encouraging. If you want a place that will challenge you to be your very best in every aspect of your life this is it!

    Julie Robards
  • Crossfit, there are many Crossfit gyms but this one is mine... I must master it as I master my life... without Crossfit I'm useless... life without Crossfit I'm useless. Great place to better yourself & make friends that will last a life time. Coach Jake will bring you in & make you feel at home no matter your fitness level. You won't regret joining this gym, I promise you'll be a better person for doing so. Thanks Coach J for everything, Semper Fi!

    Jason Kirby
  • Awesome box awesome owner. Jake is great and knows his stuff. If your in Tulsa this is where you need to drop in or sign up

    Ian Jones
  • This is a place where you can start wherever you are and grow stronger. You will be encouraged by everyone here. It's an amazing place. Loving OKIE

    Rhonda Smith
  • Okie Crossfit is an amazing please with great people coaches are INCREDIBLE everyone is really encouraging and helpful definitely a place to help change your life.

    Chase Bryan
  • I needed motivation and encouragement. Jake, the crew and their facility are awesome. Great location, plenty of times to workout too! Don't wait any longer, I promise it is what you need!

    Cass Fahler
  • This is the most encouraging, fun, safe environment ever! All the coaches know their stuff and help in any way they can. I honestly can't say enough about how amazing this place is. It has changed my life!

    Julia Joy Hovanec


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